Standard Chartered

Design and project management for one of the biggest banking and financial services companies on the planet, Stand Chart
Standard Chartered Poster

Poster design
My poster design for a Standard Chartered campaign called: Grow to Core. Tagline for this poster is "Focus on CORE - Fit for MORE", which is a motto to motivate Standard Chartered emplyments.

Standard Chartered eDM

eDM Design
Some eDM designs (newsletter) I have done for Standard Chartered Singapore (internal campaigns). Click on each image above to see details. You can also see the my other two designs for Stand Chart campaigns Back to Basics and Recognise the Potential.

Standard Chartered Tshirt

T-shirt Design
Standard Chartered t-shirt for their employments. Designed to wear at work place and outside. Click on above thists to enlarge the image size.

Standard Chartered Logo Design

Logo Design
Logo design for Standard Chartered campaign "Grow to Core". A campagin for Standard Chartered Singapore internal communication.
What did I do
Project Management
Art Direction
Corporate identity design
Logo design
Poster design
Dangler design
T-shirt design

Standard Chartered Bank

Location, Date
Singapore, 2009

Tools used
Adobe Illustrator, Adone Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Dreamweaver

People involved
Devraj Basu (Management)
Terence Koh (Management)
Hon Woon (Account Manager)